Bell Schedule

F2F Schedule

  1. School Begins at 8:10 AM Monday - Friday
  1. All students will attend school daily beginning March 8th. Both in-person and virtual will follow the schedule above. We no longer have A & B cohorts.

  2. Doors Open and Breakfast is available beginning at 7:55 AM. No students will be admitted into the building prior to 7:55 AM in order to eliminate hallway gathering for greater than 15 minutes, per CDC close contact guidelines. Bus students will be permitted to enter the building upon arrival. 


  1. WIN or “What I Need” will be a 40-minute period Monday - Thursday

    1. Students will sign up for or will be requested to receive additional support for intervention or enrichment on their current coursework. 

    2. Daily announcements will take place at this time. Attendance will be taken, daily.

    3. WIN opportunities can be selected through Flexished, which can be accessed via our LHS web page under Student & Parent Resources


  1. Lunch 

    1. Served in two locations, the JFK Balcony & the LHS Cafeteria in order to offer opportunities for greater social distancing

    2. 9th graders and 11th graders will make up a lunch cohort

    3. 10th graders and 12th graders will make up a lunch cohort

    4. LHS will continue to have an open campus lunch option for all students


  1. Homeroom

    1. Attendance is mandatory Monday - Thursday

    2. Academic/Career Planning lessons, Class Meetings, Standardized Test Prep, Grade Checks, and Social/Emotional Wellness checks will take place during homeroom


  1. Mondays & Wednesdays

    1. Students who are not enrolled in a 0 Hour or are not required to participate in Abe’s Learning Lab will be dismissed from school at 1:25 PM

    2. There are supervised quiet study locations in the Cafeteria, Library, & JFK Balcony which will be  available for bus students, any student who does not have 0 Hour class,  or any student in need of a place to work as the result of an after school co-curricular activity or transportation need until 3:30 PM, daily

    3. Students who are enrolled in a 0 Hour or who are required to participate in Abe’s Learning Lab, will be dismissed from school at 2:35 PM


  1. Tuesdays & Thursdays

    1. Students who are not required to participate in Abe’s Learning Lab, will be dismissed from school at 2:35 PM

    2. The same supervised quiet study locations will be available for bus students or any student in need of a place to work as the result of an after school co-curricular activity or transportation need until 3:30 PM, daily

    3. Students who are required to participate in Abe’s Learning Lab, will be dismissed from school at 3:30 PM

  2. Fridays

    1. Fridays will be an opportunity to connect with all their teachers one last time for the week.

    2. Students who are not enrolled in a 0 Hour,  will be dismissed from school at 2:25 PM

    3. Students who are enrolled in a 0 Hour, will be dismissed from school at 3:15


  1. Abe’s Learning Lab(ALL)

  1. As the result of the challenges many of our  students faced learning virtually this past year, Abe’s Learning Lab is an opportunity for students to change their Incompletes (Fs) into passing grades. During the first three weeks of Learning Lab implementation, more than 140 students have cleared their Incompletes and are now earning passing grades. We are committed to supporting those students who have struggled during virtual learning, and especially our Seniors who are working hard to meet graduation requirements. 

  2. Each week, different subject areas’ teachers host ALL. (For example Feb 8th-12th is ENGLISH Learning Lab week) Students who previously earned a grade of an Incomplete are requested by their teacher where they work to show proficiency at course standards and earn a passing grade.  

  3. Students may also be required to participate in ALL if they are struggling with engagement or other teacher-specific requests. 

  4. Attendance will be taken for students required to participate in ALL.

  5. Students who need to report to ALL will be notified by both their teacher and the school via Infinite Campus text, email, and phone call with specific details. If you and your student do NOT receive notification, they are NOT required to attend. 


  1. Health & Safety Protocols (Mitigation Practices)

    1. Masks will be required at all times

    2. We will discontinue temperature checks at this time and ask that parents thoroughly screen their student’s health prior to sending them to school. 

    3. Increased hand hygiene practices will be enforced throughout the day

    4. 6’ of social distancing will be observed to the greatest extent possible

    5. We will continue to implement enhanced cleaning protocols on a daily basis


  1. Students Receiving Special Services & EL

    1. Students who receive specially designed services & EL will have the opportunity to enroll in a 0 Hour Study Hall with their Case Manager. 

    2. These students may also participate in afternoon ALL sessions in order to receive additional support


  1. Transportation

    1. Brandt busses will communicate pick-up and drop-off times for students who are eligible to receive busing. Students who rely on busing will have supervised, socially distanced study space or possible opportunities to work with their classroom teachers while waiting for transportation.

    2. The Manitowoc City Bus allows students to ride for free when able to present their LHS student ID. If students need an ID, they should stop in the main office.

    3. For unique transportation needs, please contact our  LHS transportation director, Kyle Korinek663-9604


  1. Virtual Learners

    1. Students electing to remain fully virtual will follow the schedule above, joining Live Instructional Meets via Google Classroom. 

    2. Attendance will be taken hourly, by the classroom teacher.

    3. Virtual Learners will not have a Homeroom Google Meet, but should continue to frequently visit their grade level Shipyard Google Classroom for announcements

    4. Stay tuned in regard to virtual opportunities during WIN and ALL. 


  1. Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:35 to 3:30 

    1. Teachers will use this time to work on their collaborative teams. Collaborative Teams have never had such a positive impact on instruction and learning at LHS. It is through this collaborative process, that our teachers plan instruction, interventions, enrichments, develop systems to support credit recovery such as ALL, and support “Same-Time Teaching,” which is the platform our staff are using to provide simultaneous platforms of learning (in-person and virtual). 

    2. We currently have more than 20% of our Ships who are engaging in school, virtually. 

    3. Collaboration is an MPSD and LHS commitment. Our staff appreciate your support of this time to continue to plan and deliver the highest quality instruction that your students deserve. 

Our LHS Administration team would like to thank you all for your continued support and flexibility. We know the frequency of schedule changes, the variation on a traditional 7 hour schedule that has been implemented for decades, and the general challenges this past year has brought… has taken a toll on all of our Learning Community Stakeholders. 

We remain committed to upholding the highest academic standards and instructional practices for ALL of our students. We remain committed to supporting those students who have fallen behind in their credit attainment as the result of factors outside our control and we will work diligently through new systems to get them on track. We remain committed to continually evaluating our systems, practices and policies, and seeking your feedback as we navigate another transition. As always, please reach out to any member of the Administration team if you have any questions. 


If Lincoln has a virtual learning day for ALL students, students will follow this VIRTUAL Learning schedule.

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