Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

All athletes and coaches are welcome to join even if not an official SAAC representative!
Contact Mrs. Alyssa Chally ( for meeting dates/times and information!

The Lincoln High School SAAC is committed to the following initiatives: 1. Providing student-athletes with the opportunity to effectively communicate with the LHS Athletic Department Ad 2. Promoting effective communication among coaches, the Athletics Department administration and student-athletes. 3. Promoting an awareness of Manitowoc Ships Athletics throughout the high school, middle schools, and the community. 4. Reviewing student-athlete rules and standards and propose recommendations to coaches and administration that support student-athlete social, emotional, physical, and mental well-being. 


Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a new student-athlete leadership group that will consist of current Lincoln Ships student-athletes. It will serve to gain insight into the student-athlete experience by allowing athletes to share their thoughts and insight on high school athletics, while promoting and implementing programs that encourage our schools core values and athlete well-being. Additionally, it will offer an opportunity for athletes to grow, learn, and listen to different guest speakers and coaches. The Manitowoc Lincoln SAAC models the National College Athletics Association (NCAA) SAAC structure, but operates to serve the needs of Lincoln High School student-athletes. 

Personnel & Advisors:

SAAC representatives will serve as liaisons between student-athletes, the athletics administration, coaches and the Manitowoc community. All athletes are encouraged to communicate concerns and ideas to their team SAAC representatives for discussion at scheduled committee meetings. The advisors of the committee include:

Ms. Alyssa Chally (Fischer), Assistant of Athletics/Activities at Lincoln High School & UW-Milwaukee Basketball alumni, LHS alumni athlete, contact or 920.663.9806. Mr. Michael Longmeyer, LHS PE Teacher, Boys Football & Basketball coach, & UW-Stevens Point Football alumni, LHS alumni athlete Mr. Rick Ducat, LHS Science Teacher, Football & Track coach, UW-LaCrosse & UW-Stevens Point alumni Ms. Molly Dixon, LHS Science Teacher, Volleyball coach, UW-Madison alumni, LHS alumni athlete

2020-2021 SAAC Executive Board: President - Kendra Peterson Vice President - Anthony Osborn Subcommittee Leaders: Athlete/Fan Experience Subcommittee  - Addison Zick Athlete Training & Development Subcommittee - Ashton Portmann Community/Youth Sports Involvement Subcommittee - Andrew Kaufmann Social Media & Sports Promotion Subcommittee - Olivia Eberhardt

2020-21 Manitowoc Lincoln SAAC Members
Sport Representatives Sport  Representatives

DJ Cookle  (12)

Aiden Buck (12)

Alex Lensmeyer (11)

 Boy's Soccer  Andrew Kaufmann (11)

Allen Lagerstrom (12)

Anthony Osborn (11)

Caleb Maes (10)

Boy's Basketball

Ashton Portmann (11)

Noah Wech (9)

 Girl's Soccer

Breanne Moyle (11)

Kaylee Xiong (11)

Girl's Basketball TBD Softball   Karenna Sorensen (10)

Dani Krogh (11)

Delaney Granger (10)


Addie Thrasher (12)

Cheyanne Bunnell (11)

Boy's Swim   Jack Michaelson (11)
Cross Country

Olivia Schuh (12)

Addison Zick (11)

Mason Gates(10)

Sam Jacobson (12)

Girl's Swim  Ella Kakatsch (11)
Mia Strazny (12)
Abigail Lorrigan (9)

Jada Cruz (12)

Michaelyn Akguligan (12)

Olivia Eberhardt (12)

 Boy's Tennis   Aiden Newberg (12)

Jay Conrad (12)

Football   Ben Walsh(11)

Ethan Riske (12)

Brett Prange (11)

Bryson Roulette (12)

 Girl's Tennis

Kendra Peterson (12)

Hannah Dvorak  (10) 


 Bryce Walsh (10)
Cameron Bandt (12)

Track & Field  Makhi Etheridge (11)
Kaci Enz (12)
 Gymnastics  Raena Portmann (10) Volleyball 

Grace Fruzen (9)

Laurin Hamann (9)

Jordan Reilly(11)

Hockey  TBD Wrestling  Nyomi Brantley (11)
Amellia Fowler  (9)

SAAC Representative Selection Process:

1. Applications completed by athletes (Summer) 2. Coaches review athlete applications - each coach selects 2-3 athletes from team 3. Final list of athletes reviewed by LHS athletic administration

The Manitowoc Lincoln High School SAAC is dedicated to the successful design and implementation of a comprehensive student-athlete advocacy program that offers educational and leadership opportunities, while providing a platform for student-athletes to collaborate and work together. The Manitowoc Ships SAAC promotes a philosophy of individual responsibility that encourages each student-athlete to value their own educational and athletic experience. The Manitowoc Lincoln SAAC fosters opportunities for academic, athletic and personal development, which in turn promotes growth through responsible decision-making and future planning directed toward the fulfillment of life and college/career goals.

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