Yearbook Information


  • Senior Portrait Information: Senior photos and quotes are due NO LATER than February 1, 2021. Photos must be submitted to the Yearbook Staff through Google Form*. Click the tab on the left to access the submission form and to learn more about the photo submission process and requirements.
  • Purchase Your Yearbook: Yearbooks can be pre-purchased for $60 until April 26, 2021. Books can be purchased through the LHS front office or online. Click the tab on the left to learn how to buy your yearbook.

  • Graduation Ads: Senior Grad Ad submissions are due NO LATER than March 1, 2021. The cost of Grad Ads varies depending on size, and they can be submitted by parents, other family members, or friends of senior students. Grad Ads must be purchased through Google Form*.Click the tab on the left to access the submission form and to learn more.
  • Distribution 2021: Due to the disruption and postponement of events due to Covid 19, the yearbook will be scheduled for a summer delivery to allow our staff more time to cover events, sports, and activities. We anticipate the distribution of the 2021 Yearbook will take place sometime mid-late July or early August. We will send out more information later this year.
*The Yearbook Staff cannot accept hard copy materials due to Covid 19. All senior photo and Grad Ad materials MUST be submitted through Google Form (NOT EMAIL).


Flambeau distribution 2017.