Coaching Staff

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Director of Athletics Stan Diedrich
[email protected] 
Strength & Conditioning Coach Michael Longmeyer [email protected]
Athletic Trainer  Kyle Redo [email protected]
Athletic Trainer Stephanie Garcia  [email protected]
Baseball Varsity Head Coach Bruce Steinbecker [email protected]
Baseball V Assistant Todd Hadler [email protected]school
Baseball JV1 Head Coach Casey Johnson [email protected]school
Baseball JV 2 Head Coach Brock Wetenkamp b[email protected]
Baseball JV 2 Head Coach Joe Wiesner [email protected]
Basketball Boys Varsity Head Coach Thadd Cornell [email protected]school
Basketball Boys V Assistant Todd Gutzman [email protected]
Basketball Boys V Assistant Mark Schaller [email protected]
Basketball Boys JV1 Head Coach Andrew Gutzman [email protected]
Basketball Boys JV Assistant Jason Sutherland [email protected]
Basketball Boys JV2 Head Coach Shane Evans [email protected]school
Basketball Boys Volunteer Don Frisch [email protected]
Basketball Boys Volunteer Alex Braun  
Basketball Girls Varsity Head Coach Riley Garbe [email protected]
Basketball Girls V Assistant Cathy Kaye [email protected]
Basketball Girls V Assistant Nathan Spaeth [email protected]
Basketball Girls JV1 Head Coach Richard Zachow [email protected]
Basketball Girls JV2 Head Coach Allison Rehrauer [email protected]
Cheer Head Coach Jessica Gomm [email protected]
 Varsity Assistant  Courtney Gomm
Cross Country Head Coach Michael Bubolz [email protected]
Cross Country Assistant Andrew Ziolkowski [email protected]
Volunteer Coach Nicole Simonar [email protected]
Dance Head Coach Hayley Schaut [email protected]
Football Varsity Head Coach Greg Enz [email protected]school
Football Assistant Coach
Rick Ducat [email protected]school
Football Assistant Coach Casey Johnson [email protected]school
Football Assistant Coach
Riley Garbe [email protected]
Football Assistant Coach Ben Ruechel [email protected]school
Football Assistant Coach Richard Zachow [email protected]
Football JV2 Co Head Coach Rick Ducat [email protected]
Football JV2 Co Head Coach
Jason Sutherland [email protected]
Football JV2 Co Head Coach Mike Longmeyer l[email protected]school
Football JV2 Co Head Coach Dana Bongle [email protected]
Golf Boys Varsity Head Coach Chris Grodek [email protected]
Golf Boys Assistant Jason Sutherland [email protected]
Gymnastics Varsity Head Coach Jacque Bartow [email protected]
Gymnastics Assistant Allie Wachowski
Hockey Varsity Head Coach Bill Sunagel Sr. (Sheb. South co-op) [email protected]
Hockey JV Head Coach Mark Hinz (LHS)
[email protected]
Soccer Boys Varsity Head Coach
Matthew Kadow [email protected]
Soccer Boys Varsity Assistant Coach Jayson Lefky [email protected]
Soccer Boys JV1  Chelsea Shopodock
[email protected]
Soccer Boys Assistant Izaak Schrauth [email protected]
Soccer Girls Varsity Head Coach Ethan Jones [email protected] 
Soccer Girls Assistant Annette Henry [email protected]
Soccer Girls JV1 Head Coach John Bennett [email protected]
Softball Varsity Head Coach Ashley Bauer [email protected]school
Softball Varsity Assistant Esperanza Rothwell [email protected]
Softball Varsity Assistant Andy Sorenson  
Softball JV1  Ethan Granger [email protected]
Softball JV2  Todd Meyer [email protected]
Swimming Boys Head Coach Mike Zupek [email protected]
Swimming Boys Assistant Joe Wiesner [email protected]
Swimming Boys Volunteer Aaron Stachovak [email protected]
Swimming Girls Head Coach Aaron Stachovak [email protected]
Swimming Girls Assistant Paige Cobarrubias [email protected]
Tennis Boys Head Coach Bob Feller [email protected]
Tennis Assistant Jim Newberg [email protected]
Tennis Girls Varsity Head Coach Stephanie Henschel [email protected]
Tennis Girls JV Head Coach Chad Bruechert [email protected]
Tennis Girls Assistant Kendra Peterson [email protected]
Tennis Girls Assistant Anthony Abney [email protected]
Track Boys/Girls Varsity Head Coach Michael Bubolz [email protected]
Track Assistant  Don Fogltanz [email protected]
Track Assistant Andrew Ziolkowski [email protected]
Track Assistant Vance Higdon [email protected]
Track Assistant Olivia Schuh [email protected]
Track Assistant  Wendy Campbell [email protected]
Volleyball Varsity Head Coach Mary Beth Dixon [email protected]school
Volleyball Varsity Assistant
Molly Dixon  [email protected]school
Volleyball JV1 Head Coach
Jenna Maedke [email protected]school
Volleyball JV2 Head Coach  Lindsey Pankratz [email protected]
Volleyball JV3 Head Coach
Alysa Brandl (Olson) [email protected]
Wrestling Varsity Head Coach
Tyler Wetenkamp [email protected]
Wrestling Assistant Coach
Eli Mrozinski
[email protected]
Wrestling Volunteer Coach Brock Wetenkamp [email protected]
Wrestling JV Coach Kade Neumann [email protected]
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