Lincoln High School Sports Update 9/2/2020

Lincoln High School Sports Update 9/2/2020
Posted on 09/04/2020
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Dear LHS Student-Athletes and Parents:

I want to take this opportunity to inform you of items associated with the cancellation of this Fall’s WIAA sport season and the Fox River Conference (FRCC) agreement to move the season to the Alternate Fall Sport Season after the Winter sport season.

On August 19, the FRCC Superintendents approved the postponement of Fall sports to the WIAA Alternate Fall season. 116 out of 515 WIAA-affiliated schools have elected to move their Fall sports from the original calendar to the alternative calendar season. This number keeps going up as counties see an increase in COVID-19 cases.

With this change, all sport seasons have been altered to offer the same opportunities for student-athletes. The new season starting dates for all WIAA sports are listed below:


Boys Basketball November 23 - Week of March 1

Girls Basketball November 16 - Week of February 22

Gymnastics November 16 - Week of February 22

Hockey November 16 - Week of February 15

Boys Swim/Dive November 23 - Week of February 1

Wrestling November 23 - Week of February 15


Cross Country March 15 - Week of May 3

Football March 8 - Week of May 3

Boys Soccer March 22 - Week of May 10

Girls Swim/Dive February 15 - Week of April 5

Girls Tennis March 8 - Week of April 26

Volleyball February 22 - Week of April 12


Baseball April 19 - Week of June 28

Boys Golf April 19 - Week of June 14

Softball April 19 - Week of June 28

Girls Soccer April 26 - Week of June 28

Boys Tennis May 3 - Week of June 21

Track & Field April 19 - Week of June 28


Cheer & Dance
Fall and Winter season, and tournaments that our teams have competed in, are in question at the present time.

These dates remain fluid along with all aspects of the sport and season. We hope that we see a decrease in COVID-19 cases in our county and State so we can get back to, “normal,” whatever that may look like this school year.

Questions that have been asked:

Will there be a WIAA tournament for me/my child/ in my/their sport?

The WIAA has set time for a tournament experience for all sports except football. The WI FB Coaches Association, in agreement with the WIAA, felt it is more important to play games than to have a tournament series. The tournament series for all other sports will take place. However, what that tournament series looks like may be different than in the past. Depending on what is taking place with the virus will determine the type of tournament experience that is offered.

Can I play in two seasons at the same time in two different sports?

Yes, you can! The MPSD/LHS Athletic Department, along with the complete support of all athletic coaches, understands that this year will be like no other. With the change in the calendar seasons for all sports, there will be some overlap of seasons and sports (example: cross country, football, and boys soccer seasons end the week of May 3 and May 10, and Spring sports start, for the most part, on April 19/April 26). The “next season” sport coach understands that the “in-season” athlete must complete one season before moving to another season.

Will there be “open-gyms” scheduled, or “contact days” offered, to best prepare me for my season?

During the school year, open-gyms are offered for students to prepare for their season if they are not involved in an in-season sport. However, MPSD has closed all after-school activity facilities until after September 18. This situation can change and your coach will alert you to any updates.

The WIAA does understand that “contact days” were not held for most sports during the summer time due to school protocols and the increased spread of COVID-19.  Schools that were unable to conduct their five unrestricted coaching contact days during the 2020 summer, may schedule those days during the 2020-21 calendar year provided there is one week of no contact prior to the start of the respective season. Your sport coach will alert you to this information later in September.

NOTE: A “contact day” is a WIAA opportunity for the school district coaching staff of a particular sport to coach their student-athletes for a certain amount of days (5 contact days are allowed during the summer months in a normal year). “Contact” means connecting and coaching and using the school district health protocols. 

My other child is in middle school, what about those sports?

MPSD understands that all students want to be involved and the first opportunity for most students to get involved is at the middle school level. However, with the postponement of Fall sports for high school, the middle schools will also follow this protocol. Middle school Fall sports however, are cancelled and at the present time, will not be made up during another portion of the school year due to facility issues, lack of competition, and scheduling issues at each school. Winter season sports for boys and girls basketball, boys and girls swim, and wrestling will take place as normal (late November and December start dates). The spring sports of boys and girls golf, boys and girls tennis, and track & field are also scheduled to take place at the normal scheduled time (early April 2021).

Will the LHS Fitness Center be open after school so I can lift?

Due to all MPSD facilities being closed after school learning time, the LHS fitness center will also be closed until further notice. Coach Dimarco does offer online videos that students can view at home and take part in. Contact your coach for further details or go to YouTube, click on “Daily Dose of Dimarco,” for your own personal workout.

Where do I register or sign up for LHS sports now and for the future?

All athletes must register and create an online athlete profile. All forms will now be handled ONLINE, including the WIAA physical form and Code Meeting. To access or create an account, please use this link or see the LHS athletics webpage. Parents must create a profile for their student-athlete before students can login to sign forms. If you are not signed up online, you will not be eligible to participate.

Do I need a physical examination to play sports this year?

Yes, a physical examination card is good for two years. Most freshmen and juniors get a physical exam and it covers their sophomore year (as a freshman) and senior year (as a junior). The WIAA has offered an extension of the “Alternate Year Card,” if you can not get an appointment scheduled for your child due to COVID-19. This form can be found on the WIAA website or click on this site: and click on the WIAA Physical Extension Form - New for 2021-21

With the change in seasons, the WIAA school-sponsored sport conflicts with my club sport, can I do both?

This is a good question! The MPSD Athletic Department, and coaches, feel that educationally-based athletic programs are an extension of the classroom and also enhance the academic mission of our school district. For the past four years, the WIAA has granted student-athletes the opportunity to participate in two non-school events during the WIAA season they are currently involved with. This opportunity will continue but is now more defined. A student-athlete can participate in two non-school events (tournaments or games) during the WIAA season with the approval of the athletic director and school coach, and still play their high school sport.

Do grades matter? Will grades that I earn this Fall/school year in the blended model of learning, count?

Grades matter, without a doubt! Our teacher staff and district have worked extremely hard in developing an outstanding blended learning model. Every district staff member is determined to provide the best learning opportunities for all students. Grades matter and all student-athletes are expected to pass all of their classes to be eligible for after-school activities, athletics included. At the end of each quarter, quarter grades are checked by athletic department staff to determine academic eligibility. If a student-athlete earns a failing grade they are required to make up the failed work and will not be allowed to dress for any competitions (but can still practice) until 15 school days have passed. 

Did I miss the Code of Conduct meeting and how do my parents go to fill out all the paperwork to be able to play sports this year?

No in-person code of conduct will be offered this year! Please register online for all LHS athletics! The Code of Conduct meeting is now on video and can be viewed by clicking on:, click on the video (8:35 minutes), you and your child must answer a brief survey to indicate the viewing of the video and also complete all paperwork --- online, no more forms to complete! If you have any issues with this new procedure, please contact Miss Fischer, LHS Activities/Athletic Department Assistant, for more details.

I hope this letter answers some of your questions but if you have other questions pertaining to your child’s situation, or your situation, please contact me at your convenience. I look forward to this year, it will be the most memorable year we all will have. Be safe, wear a mask, practice social distancing, don’t gather in large groups, because ... ...We Got This! 


Dave Steavpack

Director of Athletics & Activities

Manitowoc Public School District

(920) 663-9607 

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