School Issued Laptop Computer Information
Senior Chromebook Turn In

Seniors will need to turn in their Chromebooks before graduation.  Specifics regarding Chromebook can be found on the Senior Exit Ticket.

NoteAll senior school Google accounts will be deleted this summer.  If there are any files you wish to keep you will need  to download these files to a usb drive and upload them into your personal Google account or use the Copy Folder App from the Chrome store (see directions here.)  See Mrs. McVeigh in the library if you have any questions regarding this.

Submitting your Laptop for Repair

If you are having problems with your school issued laptop see Mrs. McVeigh in the Library Media Center.  You will need to fill out the Laptop Computer Repair Sheet below, print it, and submit it electronically in order for your laptop to be fixed.  To print a copy of the form select File-Print on top left hand side of your browser or click Ctrl + P to get the print command.  The printed copy stays with your laptop while it is getting fixed and the digital copy will go into a spreadsheet that stays with Mrs. McVeigh.

Laptop Computer Repair Sheet

Adding a Printer to a Chromebook

Chromebooks do not have hard drives so you cannot add a printer to them.  You will need to use Google Cloud Print to print from your Chromebook.  At school printers available on Google Cloud Print will be listed when you go to print.  The library printers are LHS-104-M401 for black and with printing and LHS-104-HPCL500 for color printing.  You can send print jobs to printers anytime the library is open.

At home you can add your printers to Google Cloud Print.  Click below for information on how to do this.  Note you will need to have your home computer turned on and the Chrome browser installed and running for this to work.

Connecting Home Printer to Google Cloud Print

Adding a Printer

To add a school printer to your device you must use Internet Explorer and you must be at school.  To add a Lincoln printer, click on the the hyperlink below, scroll down until you see LHS, and select the printer you want to print to by clicking on Connect.  The Library Media Center is room 104 and has 2 printers, LHS-104-HPCLJ400 or LHS-104-HPCLJ46002.  Both printers can print in color.  You may need to provide your network user name and password to be allowed access to the printers.  If you still have issues installing school printers when you are at school please see Ms. McVeigh in the library.

Connect to Printers Here

Connecting to Free WiFi in Manitowoc

Don't have Internet access at home?  You can take your laptop to the Public Library or to any place downtown and connect to free WiFi.  To connect to the Internet inside the Manitowoc Public Library the password is MPL_Public .  To connect to the Internet anywhere in the downtown area the password is Public WiFi .

Creating a Secure Password

Use the following website to see how secure your password is.  All you need to do is type your password in and it will tell you how long it will take for a computer to crack your password!  It will also give you clues has to how you can make your password more secure.

How Secure is My Password

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