Avoiding Plagiarism

Ethical Use of Information:  Citation and  Quotation 

You must cite your websites, books, database articles, images and any materials you use for any papers or presentations.  For every source, you will need to provide the: author, title, publisher, and date.   Some sources may require you to include more information.  Below are some resources to help you properly cite your sources.


Lincoln High School subscribes to NoodleTools to help you create your bibliographies.  To log into NoodleTools you need to use your school Google login.  Make sure you are logged into your school Google account before you use the Noodletools link below.  If you are not automatically logged into your NoodleTools account you will need to click on Create a New Account and fill out the requested information.  

NoodleTools Link

Each academic discipline has its own citation style.  Generally speaking MLA is used for English and Humanities classes while APA is used in the Science and Social Science (Social Studies, Psychology, Economics) classes.  If in doubt, always ask your instructor which citation style you should use.

Online Resources

English & the Arts:  Modern Language Association (MLA) Style

Social Sciences:  American Psychological Association (APA) Style

History:  Chicago Manual of Style / Turabian

Science:  Council of Science Editors (CSE)

Library Databases

  • Most database articles include a citation in multiple formats  so you can copy and paste it into Noodletools.
  • Remember to copy the DOI (digital object identifier) or the Persistent Link URL and not the URL located in the address bar.  URL's change all the time but the DOI or Persistent link are direct links to the specific article. 

Why Cite Sources?

Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism: