ACCT (Assistant Child Care Teacher)

 Child Care Careers– Outline


  1. Early Childhood Programs
  2. History of Early Childhood Programs
  3. Center Environment
  4. Health & Safety
  5. Interacting & Working with Children
  6. Classroom Activities
  7. Meals & Snacks
  8. Professional Development
  9. Legal & Ethical Responsibilities
  10. Center Relations  Playschool:

Playschool is a practical hands on experience brought into the classroom for your benefit, and your attendance is mandatory.  If you miss a day of Playschool, you MUST make up the points!  (Please see me for an approved assignment)  Dates for Playschool are listed under the playschool page in the attached brochure.

Portfolio:  You will need a 3 ring binder. 

Throughout the class you will create (or continue) a portfolio in your 3-ring binder.  The portfolio will consist of everything we cover through the semester



 Child Care Careers is a class which you can earn your ACCT (Assistant Child Care Teacher) certification, as well as advanced standing (FREE College Credit!) at LTC if you meet all requirements.



To receive your ACCT, and LTC advanced standing you must met the 85% attendance.  Attendance is important to the class, because if you are not here, you missed the learning opportunity. 


You must observe 10 hours through the semester.  You must complete at least 5 of these hours prior to the end of 1st quarter.  Observations must be done in a licensed Child Care Center


To receive ACCT certification, as well as LTC advanced standing you must receive a grade of C+ or better.