Casey Johnson


Mr. Casey Johnson


I'm currently entering my 13th year teaching in the Manitowoc Public School District.  I teach all levels of psychology at LHS including AP and IB.  These courses seek to understand behavior and the mental processes that underlie the human condition.  I coach varsity football,  7th grade basketball, and JV baseball in the district and like the life lessons that sports teach students.  My wife teaches Spanish at Wilson Junior High, and I have 3 wonderful kids of my own including the eldest in this picture.  Included below is my class schedule and periods at LHS.

 1st Period - Psychology Semester 1

 2nd Period- Prep

3rd Period - IB Year 1

4th Period - IB Year 1

5th Period - IB Year 2

6th Period - AP Psychology

7th Period - Academic Study Hall

Contact Information:

Email (for questions/ I read this daily) (for google sharing)

Phone  663-9719

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