• Welcome to High School Reading!
    This course is designed to strengthen essential thinking, reading, and writing skills in order to better equip you for success in your core classes and throughout your lifetime. Because of the developmental nature of reading, student placement is dependent upon assessment scores and IEP team recommendation 

  We will focus on the following skills known to promote reading comprehension:

  • Identify main ideas and details Identify sequence of events.
  • Identify story elements.
  • Summarize.
  • Identify facts and opinions Use context clues.
  • Make inferences 
  • Read Orally

 Additionally, we will practice the following response strategies known to strengthen              comprehension:

  • Plan and monitor Make connections
  • Determine importance Make predictions
  • Ask questions Visualize
  • Mark or highlight (Annotate)

Expectations: Be Prepared.  All students are expected to come prepared to class with necessary supplies. Be timely. All students are expected to be in his/her desk and ready to start when the bell rings.. Every class needs to create a safe, respectful environment where people can participate without fear of ridicule.  Cell phones, iPods, and other electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom, therefore they should be kept silent and out of sight.  Refer to the student handbook and familiarizeyourself with standard expectations.

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