Dana Bongle

DO...or DO NOT, there is not try - Yoda



Greeting, I am Dana Bongle and I have taught in the Manitowoc Public School District since 2000 at Lincoln High School. The classes I have have taught are Strength Training, Advanced Strength Training, Individual Fitness, Recreational Games, General PE, and Team Sports 1 & 2. 

I try to inspire students to live a healthy lifestyle by practicing what I teach. I exercise daily using different methods of training and eat nutritiously from my garden and farm raised food. I also am a varsity football coach for the Ships as well as run the Summer School Strength Training and Speed and Agility. It is my desire to challenge all students and athletes to push themselves beyond their normal comfort zone.

You can find me at most times in the weight room before and after school. I have a number of classes in there as well during the day. If you would like to workout before or after school please see the weight room times posted on the door.

It is best to contact me by email at bongled@mpsd.k12.wi.us.
You may also call 920.663.9600