Intro to 3D Art Syllabus

Welcome to Introduction to 3D Art

Ms. Pivonka 683-4861 x6124

This is an entry level course designed to introduce the high school student to a variety of three dimensional art activities with a strong emphasis on understanding and applying the elements of art and principles of design.

My expectations are for you to:

  • Accept and respect each other as creative, diverse, and original individuals

  • Attendance

  • Be on time and ready to learn when the bell rings.

  • Do your best and apply what you learn

  • Be respectful of   the studio, and supplies.

Course Goals:

  • To come up with creative original ideas based on your experiences and the world around you.

  • To effectively use a variety of media and tools to express your ideas.

  • To learn the proper care of materials and how to maintain an art studi0

  • To be introduced to ceramics, sculpture, art metals and fiber techniques.

  • To learn vocabulary associated with media, techniques and processes.

  • To learn color theory and its application in your work.

  • To improve your artwork by using the elements of art to show the principles of design.

  • To communicate personal thoughts, feelings and meaningful statements through unique and creative paintings.

  • To learn about contemporary artists and current careers in art.

  • To develop your own style


  • (60%) Projects – You will create 2-3 long-term (1-2 weeks) projects and 2-3 shorter projects (2-3 days) each quarter.  Shorter projects will be weighted less than longer projects.  Your grade will be based on design, craftsmanship, effort, creativity, and following directions of the assignments.  Projects can be reworked for more points within a reasonable time frame.

  • (25%) Exercises – Before starting long-term projects we will learn and practice a variety of techniques.  Exercises will be completed during class and can be made up at home or during study hall when you are absent.

  • Quizzes – We will have short quizzes throughout the semester. Save these as they will be valuable study guides for the final exam.

  • Tests – A final exam will be given at the end of the semester.

  • (15%) Daily Grade – Periodically you will be given a grade reflecting attendance,  participation, preparedness, studio maintenance, and being on-task during class.

You will need to have in class:

  • A creative mind.

  • A pencil

  • A smock (optional)


If you have an excused absence you are expected to see me when you return and find out what you missed.  Unexcused absences will need to be made up on your time or may result in detentions.

We will follow your school’s policy for cell phones and music devices.  The classroom radio will provide music when we have studio days.   

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