Intro to 2D Art Syllabus

Welcome to 3D Art 3 -  3D Art 4 - & Open studio

Ms. Pivonka 920-663-9626

  • 3D Art 3 - Develop your personal style in this Advanced 3D Art class.   Build your skills to mastery level by working with metal, fiber, ceramics and sculpture.

  • 3D Art 4 - In addition to developing your style in the 3D Arts you will have some opportunities to work independently and pursue 3D media and approaches of your choosing.

  • Open Studio-  You will develop your own projects which challenge and enhance your skills and abilities.  

              You will be required to plan 4 projects per semester.  Projects will be discussed with  and approved by the teacher.

Keep in mind that this class will have students working at 3 different levels.  Although we will generally cover the same media and processes, there will be different projects, requirements and challenges for each level in the class room.  Take advantage of this opportunity by learning from others and enriching your abilities by observing and even trying what the advanced students are doing!

My expectations are for you to:

  • Accept and respect each other as creative, diverse, and original individuals

  • Attendance

  • Be on time and ready to learn when the bell rings.

  • Do your best and apply what you learn

  • Be respectful to others.

  • Be respectful of the studio and supplies.

Course Goals:

  • To come up with creative original ideas based on your experiences and the world around you

  • To know and use the elements of art and principles of design to create.

  • To communicate personal thoughts, feelings and meaningful statements through unique and creative works of art.

  • To learn vocabulary associated with media, techniques and processes.

  • To be able to contribute to class critiques as well as written reflections using correct terminology

  • To learn about contemporary artists and current careers in art.

  • To develop your own style

  • To develop a sense of craftsmanship through engagement and persistence despite difficulty.

  • To effectively use a variety of media and tools to express your ideas

  • To learn & assist with the proper care and safety of materials by maintaining  an art studi0

Ceramics & Sculpture Course Goals:

  • To improve your knowledge and skill in ceramics by using the three basic hand building techniques

  • To improve your skill on the potter’s wheel through additional practice.  To apply both additive and subtractive methods of sculpture using a variety of media

  • To explore a variety of clay bodies and glazes to enhance your work.

  • To understand a variety of  firing processes

Jewelry & Fibers Goals:

  • Advanced casting techniques

  • Melting, cutting  and creating with glass

  • Manipulation,  dyeing, and various processes associated with natural and man made fibers.

Grading  3D Art 3 and 3D Art 4

  • (60%) Projects –Your grade will be based on design, craftsmanship, effort, creativity, self reflection and following directions of the assignments.  Projects can be reworked for more points within a reasonable time frame.

  • (25%) Exercises – Before starting long-term projects we will learn vocabulary and practice a variety of techniques.  

Quizzes – We will have short quizzes throughout the semester. Save these as they will be valuable study guides  for the final exam.

  • Tests – A final exam will be given at the end of the semester.

  • (15%) Daily Grade – Periodically you will be given a grade reflecting attendance,  participation, preparedness, studio maintenance, and being on-task during class.

Open studio grading - 60% Projects  25% Challenging your abilities   15%  working independently and problem solving

You will need to have in class:    A  creative mind,  a pencil and a smock (optional)