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The English Language Arts program at Lincoln High School offers a diverse list of course offerings including traditional English classes, elective classes in American, British, world, and multi-cultural literature; speech; expository, technical, and creative writing; digital communications, and drama. Additionally, we offer AP English and IB English. Our courses are based on the Common Core State Standards and are taught by highly qualified teachers. Each teacher is committed to building strong readers, writers, and speakers who are college and career ready upon graduation.  Please visit the individual teacher pages for more information.

Why English Language Arts?
2017 - 2018 ELA Course Offerings Updated

In virtually all areas of life and in all careers, the ability to communicate effectively through writing, speaking, reading, and listening is essential to success. 

We offer many English Language Arts courses at Lincoln High School - each is designed to help students progress toward becoming college, career, and community ready upon graduation. 

Lincoln High School Plagiarism Policy
Our goal at Lincoln High School is to provide students with learning experiences that promote independent thinking and writing.  When a student uses the exact or appropriate words of another or the ideas of another for an assignment, the student must give credit to the source  Failure to give this credit is called plagiarism: consequences for plagiarism will range from, at minimum, a zero for the paper to, at maximum, a failure for the course. 


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