Bob Feller

Getting to know Coach Feller...

Head Varsity Boys Tennis Coach

Education and Graduation:

UW-Superior, 1973

Head Coach Experience:
45 years
What is your favorite memory as an ATHLETE?
Winning a State Title in Volleyball for Antigo High School
What is your favorite memory as a COACH? Too many to pick a favorite, but I will share a funny one. Many years ago, the city courts had metal nets. One of my singles players was running in toward the net to get a ball that had hit the net and just dribbled over. He got there, but couldn't quite hold his balance. He teetered over the net, his arms waving in circles in an attempt to not touch the net. To no avail, he tipped forward. His midriff caught the center of the net, his feet went skyward, held straight up for a second, then down he came on the opponent's side of the net.
What is your favorite food? Depends on my mood, but authentic Italian or a nice medium rare steak on the grill are hard to say no to.
What song on the car radio will you not turn off even if you are at your destination?
In my Life by The Beatles What is your favorite snack? Guilty pleasure: puffy cheetos What is your favorite animal? Dogs
What is your favorite professional sports team? Go Badgers!
What is your favorite vacation spot? Hawaii - only been there once, but some day...
What is your favorite season?
What is your favorite sports quote? "Control what you can control"
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