Coach Riley Garbe

Getting to know...

Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Riley Garbe

Education and Graduation:
UW-Green Bay, 2017

Head Coach Experience:
1st Year Head Coach - Lincoln High School Girls Basketball 21-22
What is your favorite memory as an ATHLETE?

My favorite memory as an athlete was when I ran my fastest race ever at the conference championships while I was a cross country runner in college. I remember running past my coach halfway through the race and I was way ahead of where I normally was. He always pushed me and believed in me. He was screaming all sorts of motivational things. I felt his energy. I remember looking him in the eyes as I ran past, in my head saying, "I got you, Coach." He shook my hand and hugged me at the end of the race, and that was a high point in my life as an athlete.
What is your favorite memory as a COACH? My favorite memory as a coach was going 10-2 with my JV team in the midst of a pandemic. They were an amazing group of players. We faced a lot of adversity, but they never backed down. They worked hard and battled together every time they stepped on the floor. As their coach, I was so proud of them and so honored to have been able to work with them. They were special, and that was a season I'll remember forever. What is your favorite food? Authentic Mexican Tacos
What song on the car radio will you not turn off even if you are at your destination?
"Lose Yourself" by Eminem
What is your favorite snack?
Granola Bars
What is your favorite animal? Dogs
What is your favorite professional sports team?
Green Bay Phoenix Basketball has always been #1 over any college & pro sports team
What is your favorite vacation spot?
What is your favorite season?
 Autumn What is your favorite sports quote?
"We all have dreams. But in order to make those dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort." -Jesse Owens
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