Green Club

This student organization helps youth develop leadership and service skills to make Lincoln HS and the city of Manitowoc more environmentally conscience and more sustainable.  The Green Club creates, advertises, and hosts several projects throughout the year such as:
Beach clean-up, Clothing drive, Invasive species, and a Climate change speaker.  Students will work with the Earth Care Coalition and Friends of the Manitowoc Rivershed in our community to make these projects successful.

Advisor(s):  Mrs. Tracey Mancheski

Officers: Amelia Filer, Sara Ademi, Breanne Moyle, Kassandra Martinez 

Eligibility Requirements: Any student is eligible. Ability to attend most of the meetings.

Time Commitment: Monthly large group meetings and several small group meetings when planning for their project.  Students must lead or join at least one project.

Google Meet at 2:00pm on Mondays first and third Monday of the month (beginning 11/16) & Officer Meetings - Thursday before Monday Meetings (beginning 11/12) 

Procedures for joining: Email Advisor or Club Officers

Activity Time Period: September-May

Membership Limit: Unlimited

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