Unemployed Status

Unemployed Status

If you find yourself without employment for any reason (quit, fired, laid off, etc.), your grade may suffer if you do not secure another job in a timely fashion.  You are, after all, receiving credit for WORK EXPERIENCE.

Should you find yourself unemployed, do the following:

1. Notify Mrs. Waniger immediately. We can work out a plan together to move forward.

2. As a general rule, your grade will be impacted as follows: a. You will have ten school days to find employment without penalty (but remember, you must average at least 5 hours of work per week, per hour you are in work experience throughout the semester in order to receive credit). b. After the first 10 school days, you will be assigned to a 7th hour study hall until you find employment. c. After 30 continuous days without employment, you will be dropped from the class and receive an F for the semester. d. During unemployment, you may earn hours for volunteer work IF it is documented by the organization for which you are volunteering. These hours would count toward your five hours per week and could prevent a decrease in your letter grade. e. Each case will be handled individually, based on circumstances.

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