Health Occupations 1

Health Occupations 1


The goal of the course is to give students an overview of the health care field.  The major areas of study include:  health related careers, legal responsibilities and personal/professional ethics of a health care professional, health care systems.  Students will research occupations which are compatible with their goals.  Throughout the course they will receive a realistic view of care options in the health care field via health care professional speakers and hands on learning activities.


Course Outline


     1. Introduction to Health Careers


  1. Careers in Health Care


  2. Values/Ethics


  3. Health Care Systems


  4. Legal Responsibilities


  5. Stress Management


  6. Health Care Skills


  7. Coping with Death/Dying


  8. Medical Terminology




Guest Speakers:


You will be expected to listen to each guest speaker in our class and take notes about information pertaining to their job description, education requirements, pay and job outlook.  This information will be utilized to identify areas of interest for each student.


Outside Health Research


Two article reports will be read, evaluated, and reported on during the semester.  Students may use the medical journals available in the classroom or may find their own articles of choice.


***************Career Experience*****************


As part of this course, a career experience opportunity will be required by each student outside the school facility.  A variety of medical occupations within the area have been arranged by the Lakeshore Health Care Alliance.  Times and location will be determined by the Lakeshore Health Care Alliance. 



Extra Credit:


Extra Credit will be awarded to any student who brings in a Health Care guest speaker to our classroom.