English 11

Syllabus--English 11 -- Mrs. Stokes

Attendance:  Attendance is of the utmost importance as much of our work is completed in class.  Please know that you and you alone are responsible for collecting and completing any missed work in a timely fashion.  Work missed for an illness should be handed in within two days.  This includes tests and quizzes as well as daily work. Work missed for extracurricular absences should be handed in the next school day.

Homework:  There will be homework.   While class time may be allocated for some activities , “work time” will not always be sufficient for assignment completion. .

Late work Policy:

*Any late daily work will be assessed a 20% deduction.  After one week, the deduction is 50%.  After two weeks, the assignment will not be accepted for grading.

*Any late papers or projects will be assessed a 20% deduction from the final grade up to one week.  After this time, the paper will be assessed a 50% deduction.

Supplies you will need for success in this class:

  • A blue or black pen OR a pencil

  • Composition Notebook (the kind without spirals)

  • A small three-ring binder (1 in) with loose-leaf

  • An open mind and willingness to work

Classroom Behavior Guidelines:

**Be Here

**Be Respectful

**Be Responsible

**Be Positive

EXTRA credit

A word on “extra credit”:  Extra Credit is offered at the teacher’s discretion only.  Extra Credit is optional and is NOT meant to “save” a student from failing a class.  Extra credit points are ONLY awarded when students have completed all their daily work. It is, as the name implies, extra—not instead of—credit.

Academic Integrity: From the student handbook

When a student uses the exact or appropriate words of another or the ideas of another for an assignment, the student must give credit to the source Failure to give this credit is called plagiarism: consequences for plagiarism will range from, at minimum,a zero for the paper to, at maximum, a failure for the course. Our goal at Lincoln High School is to provide students with learning experiences that promote independent thinking and writing of which plagiarism has no part. Each of our English classes presents a short unit which defines plagiarism and spells out ways by which each student can be certain to avoid it.”

**The best way to avoid plagiarism is to ask for help when you need it.

Contact Info:

email:  stokesd@mpsd.k12.wi.us  (this is the BEST way to reach me)

Office Hours:  Before School, 2nd hour (in the Library), 6th hour, After School, “A” Lunch

Quarter 1--Reading and Responding to Narrative Texts

Unit 1: Seminar--Habits and behaviors of successful readers and writers

*”The Lottery”

*”The Bet”

*Other selected short stories and narrative poetry

*Students will learn and practice the classroom protocols for the academic study of literature.  

*Poetry and Short Story analysis with a focus on the element of suspense --

*Students will study the text and complete several pieces of writing on the element of suspense.

Unit 2: The personal essay -- Editorials and Opinion essays

Newspaper editorials and opinion essays

*Students will study the craft and purpose of the opinion essay.  They will complete a critical analysis of an editorial  they select, and write their own editorial that focuses on a current event.

Quarter 2--Shakespeare Through the Ages

Unit 3: Shakespeare Study -- Much Ado About Nothing  by William Shakespeare and

Auxiliary Text and Videos

*Students will study multiple interpretations of the play through which to analyze  the central themes of: Appearance vs Reality and The Destructive Nature of Deception.  Students will complete both scene analysis and a larger, thematic analysis of the play.

Unit 4: Extending the Theme -- Shakespeare’s Themes in the Modern Age

* Students will read modern occurrences of the themes studies the first portion of  the quarter.  They will produce a synthesis presentation arguing the continued inclusion of Shakespeare in the modern literature curriculum.  

This module includes the integration of technology for communication.