Internet Searching

Understanding How Search Engines Work

Search Engine Features Chart

Look at the chart to compare different search engines or the reviews to find out more about each one.

General Searches

ipl2: Information You Can Trust

The Internet Public Library combines a collection of information with a sophisticated, human mediated search tool.  You can enter a search in the search box or use the directory.  Try this first!

This is also a search tool and a directory, with over 10,000 sites that are good for school projects and research.


Infomine indexes scholarly materials on the Internet.  It is designed for college students and researchers.  Go to advanced search and change the "resource type" to "free" to find materials available to you.

Government Information - United States

Use this tool to search the United States government documents and information.  Also includes state government information.

Need to know something about Wisconsin?  Check out the official state site,

Other Search Engines

Evaulating the Information You Find

The Internet Detective

This online tutorial will help you sort out the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Created in the United Kingdom, it uses some terms from British English.

More Information