Medical Science Club

Advisor: Carol Christiansen
Place: Room 111
Meeting times: Bi-monthly (Twice a month) during Thursday WIN period

Purpose or Objective of Club:  The purpose of this club is to organize students who are interested in pursuing a career in any field of medicine.   In this club the students will get the chance to learn some techniques from professionals in the medical field, listen to professionals as guest speakers or go on field trips to medical facilities.  The students will also get to talk to each other and postgraduate students already enrolled in postsecondary schools, either colleges or technical schools; regarding what classes they need to take in high school and college in order to be successful in the medical profession they choose to follow.  This is also going to be a club where we will have focus groups and discussions keying in on making students and adults aware of medical issues arising in the community such as new viral or bacterial strains, new medical tests, procedures, blood donations, organ donations or even STD’s.  We want Lincoln to become informed and make healthy decisions.
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