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Synchronous Learning - LIVE (virtually), simultaneously instruction and learning 

Asynchronous Learning -  Prerecorded instruction, videos, independent work

How do I join my class Meet?

  1. Go to the Google Classroom page associated with the hour on your Infinite Campus schedul
  2. Click the Meet Link on the top of the Stream Page.  See an example here.


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Meal Service

Students will engage in LIVE Google Meets with their scheduled teachers and courses following the times above.

Example (1): If my schedule says I have 1st hour Int. Physical Science with Mrs. Mancheski, I will see Mrs. Mancheski every Monday and Wednesday LIVE from 9:25am - 10:10am.

Example (2): If my schedule says I have 6th hour Spanish 3 with Senorita Johnson, I will see Senorita Johnson every Tuesday and Thursday LIVE from 10:20am - 11:05am.

Students can find their hourly schedules on Infinite Campus. Please see the video below to help locate your schedule.

Accessing Your Schedule in IC: LOOM Video

M & W Afternoons:

Students will utilize Monday/Wednesday afternoons to work on assignments and materials from their 0-3rd hour classes.

Tu/Th Afternoons:

Students will utilize Tuesday/Thursday afternoons to work on assignments and materials from their 4th - 7th hour classes.

Fridays will be utilized as a work day, catch-up day, a time to receive additional help and intervention from teachers/staff members, etc.  No new learning will be assigned for Fridays.

Your participation is required for LIVE Google Meets with your teachers and classmates (Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 12:00pm). 

If you are unable to participate in your assigned course and corresponding meet, you will need to communicate with your teacher in order to make alternate arrangements for how you can access the instruction, practice, and feedback necessary to show that you are making academic progress in your courses. 

Students will take their virtual attendance using the Infinite Campus virtual attendance check-in system effective October 12.  

Lack of participation in Google Meets and engagement in assignments can result in truancy proceedings. 

**If you are a Youth Apprentice, or Rising Phoenix student, communication will be coming regarding your expectations.

Students will not meet with their homerooms in this model.

All LHS students will be added to a Google Classroom called “The Shipyard” that will house all announcements, Monday Memos, ACP materials, etc.  

Students will be added to “The Shipyard” Google Classroom prior to Monday Oct. 12.

Students will be expected to check “The Shipyard” on Monday mornings prior to their other learning obligations.

MPSD is still providing FREE meal service to students

please view FREE meal service opportunities here.

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