Music students see the Queen of England

Music students see the Queen of England
queen of EnglandLincoln music students enjoyed a trip to London in June.  Their teachers can't say enough about the amazing time they all enjoyed...

"The MPSD London Tour Music Staff cannot express how proud we were of all the students who attended.  They were punctual, always where they needed to be, kind, compassionate, and jumped at any opportunity to help.  In addition, the adults who were chaperones and tourists rose to the occasion as well and treated the students as if they were one of their own.

While the MPSD Music Department has taken numerous trips in the past, traveling overseas was a first and we couldn't have asked for a better trip.  Tour participants learned a lot as they visited the British Museum, National Gallery, Tower of London, had a workshop at the Shakespeare Globe, had an exchange performance at the Langley Park School for Boys, attended a performance at the Royal Albert Hall, and more.  In addition students learned life skills including waking up to an alarm, timeliness, teamwork, fiscal responsibility, cultural awareness, and more.

We did have one unexpected thing happen to us while we were there and that is that we got to see the Queen!  We also saw Kate, Camilla, Prince Harry, and Prince Phillip.  While there, we had the opportunity to attend a parade for the Queen's birthday.  Between seeing the royal family and the various marching bands (both on foot and horseback), it was an experience we will never forget."

-MPSD Music Staff Anthony Bauer, Monica Hrudik, Michelle Kanzelberger, Kati Seiter

London 2016