Rachael George

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Madrid boat ride

Mrs. George's 2015-16 schedule:
1st hour:  AP Psychology
2nd hour:  AP Psychology
3rd hour:  prep
4th hour:  IB HL European History
5th hour:  IB SL Modern World History
6th hour:  department chair duties
7th hour:  department chair duties

I teach psychology and history, am the Social Studies Department Chairperson,
the Global Education Coordinator (along with Jessica Swemke),
and I also advise Model United Nations.

When I am not teaching I can be found spending time with my husband and
two children, camping, traveling (the picture above is in Spain),
gardening, playing with our family dog and two cats,
biking, remodeling our 85 year old home, reading,
and knitting or working with other fabric arts.

This year will be my fourteenth year teaching, and I am certain it will be the best one yet!

Contact Information:
Rachael George, room 229