School Counselors

Amber Fox-Brewer • School Counselor
Phone: 920-663-9617
Email: Amber Fox- Brewer
Caseload Assignments:  
Grade 10:  Last Name M-R
Grade 11:  Last Name L-P
Grade 12:  Last Name M-S
Gifted and Talented (EXCEL) and International Baccalaureate
Melissa Heuvelman • School Counselor
Phone: 920-663-9670
Email Melissa Heuvelman
Caseload Assignments:
Grade 10:  Last Name S-Z
Grade 11:  Last Name Q-Z
Grade 12:  Last Name T-Z
Alternative Programs and GED02
Erin Thennes • School Counselor
Phone: 920-663-9618
Email Erin Thennes
Caseload Assignments:
Grade 10:  Last Name E-L
Grade 11:  Last Name F-K
Grade 12:  Last Name E-L
Teen Support, ELL, EBD
Joe Wiesner • School Counselor
Phone: 920-663-9620
Email Joe Wiesner
Caseload Assignments:
Grade 10:  Last Name A-D
Grade 11:  Last Name A-E
Grade 12:  Last Name A-D
Exchange Students, ID and LD

Counseling Department Secretary

Teri Theodorou, Registrar/Counseling Department Secretary
Phone:  920-663-9612
Email Teri Theodorou


Course of Study 2017-18 Jan 3.pdf


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LHS 2016-2017 School Profile

16 17 Lincoln High School Profile.pdf