Vicky Molitor

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Art!

12 years ago I moved to Manitowoc from Illinois to teach Art.
I have taught at Franklin, Jackson and Madison elementary schools and Lincoln High School.  

I am currently the Visual Art Department Chair and teach Photography, 21st Century Communications and I.B. Art at Lincoln High School. I also advise The Flambeau (Lincoln High School's Yearbook).

When I am not teaching I spend my time creating my own artwork, traveling throughout the world to visit family and friends, playing golf, reading and throwing tennis balls to my springer spaniel, Red.

Ms. Molitor's Schedule:
 Hour  Class  Room
 1 21st Century Communications  121
 2 Photography & Advanced Photography  137
 3 Advanced 21st Century Communications  121
 4-6 Dept Chair and Teaching Prep  
 7 I.B. Visual Art  Basement