Lindsey Powers


Mrs. Powers

1st hour: English 11
2nd hour: English 11
3rd hour: Preparatory Period
4th hour: English 11
5th hour: B lunch duty
6th hour: English 11
7th hour: English 12

Welcome to my web page.
I teach English 11 and English 12.

I'm originally from the town of Ishpeming, located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I moved to Manitowoc 3 years ago and am very much enjoying this area.

I'm the assistant coach for the girls' swim team, and we have a lot of fun! This is going to be another great season. Come out and support us!

The human experience is such a passion of mine, which is why I love literature and reading so much. I enjoy music (playing guitar, drums, piano, etc.), movies, books, and people.
We have so many stories to share!

In loving people's cultures and various point of view, something I really stress in my class is respect.
I respect all my students, and I expect all my students to respect each other, as well as any other people in the room (myself, aides, co-teachers). 
We all have these different stories, and we all have reasons for being the way we are, so I approach my classroom community as any other community: full of diverse people with their own lives who must work together to achieve success, and to do that we must start with a culture of respect and understanding.

I look forward to another great year at Lincoln, and I'm excited to have you with us!

You may come to me for help/questions/concerns or whatever you have before school, during my prep period (3rd hour), during B lunch (visit me in the caf), or after school.

Parents: you may email me at,,
or contact me via my phone extension: 9723.