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What do I teach?
I teach Accelerated 10 English and 21st Century Communications at Lincoln High School in Room 121. In addition to teaching, I am the English Department Chair for the Manitowoc Public School District. If you want to know more about me, please see my
 Bio link.

So, what's up with all this Google stuff?
The MPSD is utilizing many of Google's educational offerings which provide opportunities for collaboration and communication. Each student has a Google account and is able to access Google Docs. This is a cloud based text program much like Microsoft Word. Because it is Internet based, students can access their work any place and any time of the day. 

Where can you find me each day?

Daily Schedule ~ Room 121

1st Hour - 21st Century Communications
2nd Hour - Accelerated English 10
3rd Hour - Prep Time
WIN Period
4th Hour - Technical Reading and Writing 
5th Hour - Department Chair Duties
6th Hour - Accelerated English 10
7th Hour - Department Chair Duties

Phone number: 920-663-9354 ~ Email: