Work Experience

Work Experience Class Outline

Lincoln High School Semester Elective open to Juniors and Seniors

1/2 credit/semester, 1 credit/year

Ms. Armstrong (Office: Room 130)

“Find a job you love, and you won’t have to work another day in your life”

Class Rules

  1. Respect everyone’s time, space, opinions, ideas, and possessions.

  2. No cell phones; if you’re using one, I’ll quietly take it and return it at the end of class.

  3. Don’t line up at the door at the end of class; remain in your seat until the bell rings.

Course Description

  • Work Experience provides students with career exploration experiences and the opportunity to develop employability skills so they are better prepared to enter the workforce and/or continue their preparation for future careers through education or training.

  • Following initial classroom instruction, students have one hour of release time per day.

  • Monthly meetings, mock interviews, career portfolios, and independent projects completed between monthly meetings are required.  

  • The majority of work experiences are paid positions.

  • Good school attendance is required to participate and remain in this program.

  • Students are responsible for their own transportation.

All “new” students must attend the orientation program that is taught at the beginning of each semester. The approximately ten-day orientation lays the foundation for the program and the completion of the Career Portfolio. Students present their portfolio during the Mock Interviews.

Possible Topics for Monthly Meetings

-Teamwork                             -Job Seeking

-Communication Skills      -Leadership

-Problem Solving                  -Electronic Applications, Resumes, etc.

-Non-traditional Jobs         -Work Ethic

-Time Management              -Guest speakers on pertinent topics

Grading Scale

90 – 100 A

80 – 89 B

70 – 79 C

60 – 69 D

59 – 0 F

Work Experience Teacher Contacts:   

1.  Letters to the parent(s) and students provide a reminder of class activities. A schedule with details for the semester is included with the first letter.

2.  Students must submit work reports to the teacher WEEKLY.

3. Students must attend their monthly scheduled meeting with the teacher.

4. Students are required to meet with the instructor once per month (in addition to the monthly meetings) to discuss progress toward project completion.  

5. All students prepare exam materials/projects in advance and have an individual 15-minute semester exam conference with the teacher.

6. Employer correspondence includes an introductory packet sent at the beginning of each semester.  Plaques and thank you notes are delivered to all employers at the end of the school year.  100 points of each quarter’s grade are based on the worksite evaluation completed by the employer.

7.  Employers and teacher communicate about employment opportunities, worksite concerns, job shadowing opportunities, and class presentations.

The teacher also solicits employers to participate in the Work Experience and Youth Apprenticeship Mock Interviews. Additional contacts are made as necessary through phone calls, e-mails, casual visits, and/or conferences.

Student Outcomes

A. Work Experience students will develop a foundation of skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the workplace and become contributing members of society.   

B.   The students will develop and practice interviewing skills.

C.   The students will understand the relevance of their Career Portfolio, especially as they update their resume for future employment.

D.   Students will be able to make more informed decisions regarding their college and/or career direction.

E. Students will realize the importance of being life-long- learners as their careers evolve in our technological world and global society.