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Welcome to Lincoln High SchOOL  

There is construction at LHS.   The stairs to the main/front entry of LHS, the Circle driveway and surrounding areas, as well as the back service drive (east) to LHS will be replaced.  During the construction, vehicle traffic and foot traffic into the building will need to be changed. Parking is limited to the few parking spots in the tech education area (north lot) as well as the parking area west of the tech education parking lot (blue lot). During construction vehicle and foot traffic is not permitted access to the east  side of the school for any reason.

Foot traffic is not permitted for people coming to the Abe Lincoln circle/front entry from:

·         pool sidewalk from the south west

·         north bowl stairs

·         any sidewalks travelling south along 8th street

The tech education entrance (north side) is the safest pedestrian entry to the building for the entire project.  Signs are posted directing guests to the main office to check in.

Please stay clear of the construction zone for your safety.  As travel routes become accessible again, the barriers will be removed and then it will be back to normal.  We are hoping that the work will be completed in early August. Please call the LHS office with any questions you may have about accessibility.

Lincoln High School Office Phone Number:  920-663-9600

Office Hours:  Monday thru Thursday = 7:00 - 3:30 PM; Friday = 7:00 - 11:00 AM

Lincoln High School collaborates with home and community to provide each student with challenging and engaging programs in a responsive and supportive environment.  Through high quality academic and co-curricular activities our students will graduate as globally aware, life-long learners who are well prepared for the demands of the 21st century.

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